Q. What is the content of lesson?
A. There are a wide range of Japanese courses to learn, from studying JLPT, studying for EJU, to talking about Japanese culture and life. Regular Members (= Point Purchase Members) can also use all the learning contents such as "Reading Practice", "Grammar Video", "vocabulary", and "Listening Practice".
Q. Is Japanese used in class?
A. If you haven't started/ just started studying Japanese, you won't be able to make a big progress by the lesson with Japanese teachers. Therefore, if you are at the beginner level, your teachers will be speaking your language. We recommend you to take a lesson with Japanese teacher soon after you get N5, which lead you to improve your Japanese quickly!
Q. When do my points expire?
A. Within 60 days from the last purchase date, please note that points expire right after the expiration date.
If you make additional purchases while points still remaining, the expiration date of points will be automatically updated.
Q. How to Buy Points?
A. You can purchase from this page.