Kabuki performance on top of Tokyo Skytree

calendar-icon 2022/05/26

On the 10th anniversary of the opening of the Tokyo Skytree, a Kabuki performance was held atop the building. The tower is 634m high, is one of the symbols of Japan.

On Sunday, the operator of Tokyo Skytree allowed the media to go to the top of the tower for the first time to celebrate the event.

A special stage was set up for the performance of Kabuki theater artist Ichikawa Ebizo.

Before the performance, artist Ebizo said that on behalf of all those who are facing many challenges, he will demonstrate a technique called "Nirami" to pray for world peace, the virus pandemic. - the corona virus is over and for exorcism.

“Nirami” means each eye looks in a different direction. This technique is performed by the artist with one leg straight forward.

"Nirami" is said to exorcise those who see this move.