Case study: Employment confirmed in Japan under the Specific Skills (Caregiving) category from Nepal.

calendar-icon 2023/09/01

Situation at the time of joining

・Residence status: None

・Nationality: Nepal

・Age: 21 years old


He had no experience of coming to Japan for study or any other reason. He learned Japanese in Nepal and passed the specific skill (caregiving) exam in Nepal, and was looking for a job. He was unsure of how to find a job from Nepal and was in a difficult situation, so he contacted us after learning about our existence.

Course contracted

・Job placement support course

・Visa application course

Specific support provided

・We found a caregiving company that would accept him even without any experience of coming to Japan, and helped him apply.

・Since he had no experience of coming to Japan, we provided guidance on how to convey his personality and enthusiasm through his resume.

・Before the interview, we conducted thorough one-on-one interview practice sessions.


・He obtained a job offer from a company within 1 month of starting the activities.

・The visa change process was also completed smoothly, allowing him to work in the desired environment and with the desired residence status.